Internal Complaint Cell


Member Secretary:

 Prof. Mrs. S.S. Patil

Constitutions of the Committee: 

Sr. No. Name of Member Institute Designation Committee Specifics
1 Prof. Mrs. S.H. Shete Asst. Professor & HOD Chairman
2 Mrs. Manisha Vijaysinh Mane Mgt. Member Social Worker
3  Dr. B. B. Patil Staff Representative(MBA) Member
4  Ms. S. B. Vani Staff Representative(CSE) Member
5 Ms. Swati.S.Mane Staff Representative(Civil) Member
6 Ms.Amruta.B.Kale Staff Representative(E&TC) Member
7 Ms.Shilpa A.Shankardas Staff Representative(Electrical) Member
8 Prof. Mrs. S.S. Patil Asst. Professor Member Secretary


Functions and Responsibilities of the Committee:

  • To create awareness amongst female employees & girl students about Sexual Harassment by conducting seminars & workshops.
  • To create Awareness of the rights of female employees & students in this regard prominently notifying the guidelines.
  • To build self confidence amongst all girl students.
  • To provide appropriate work conditions in respect of work, leisure, health and hygiene.
  • To ensure & assist all the necessary and reasonable steps to the affected person in terms of support and preventive action.

Meetings Details:

  • Frequency of Meeting in a Academic Year : twice a year