Alumni Association

Member Secretary: Prof. J. M. Shinde

Constitutions of the Committee:


Sr. No. Name of Member Institute Designation Committee Specifics
01 Dr. H. T. Jadhav  Director Chairman
02 Prof. S. S. Petkar Assistant Professor(Mech) Member
03 Prof. S. S. Chokakkar Assistant Professor(Civil) Member
04 Prof. D. J. Pawar Assistant Professor(E&Tc) Member
05 Prof. A. B. Desai Assistant Professor(CSE) Member
06 Prof. S. A. Gaikwad Assistant Professor(Ele) Member
07 Prof. S.V. Mohite Assistant Professor(MBA) Member
08 Mr. Jay Patil (Alumni)

R and D Manager, Kandela Innovation (P)  Ltd., Vasai, Mumbai.

09 Prof. J. M. Shinde Dean Student Affairs Member Secretary

Functions and Responsibilities of the Committee:

  •  Registering Alumni each year from each department.
  • Collecting information of alumni about their development.
  • Conducting alumni meet once in year.
  • Inviting alumni in the college for guest lectures.

Meetings Details: 

  • Frequency of Meeting in a Academic Year : once a year