Alumni Association

Member Secretary: Prof. J. M. Shinde

Constitutions of the Committee:


Sr. No. Name of Member Institute Designation Committee Specifics
01 Prof.P.B.Ghewari I/C. Director Chairman
02 Prof. H. A. Saraikar Assistant Professor(Mech) Member
03 Prof. Ganesh.N.Chavan-Patil Assistant Professor(Civil) Member
04 Prof. D.R.Kale Assistant Professor(CSE) Member
05 Prof.Rahul Pukle Assistant Professor(Ele) Member
06 Prof.Sarvjeet. Bhosale Assistant Professor(E&Tc) Member
07 Prof. S.S.Sutar Assistant Professor(MBA) Member
08 Prof. Dr. B. B. Patil Assistant Professor & TPO Member
09 Prof. J. M. Shinde Assistant Professor Member Secretary

Functions and Responsibilities of the Committee:

  •  Registering Alumni each year from each department.
  • Collecting information of alumni about their development.
  • Conducting alumni meet once in year.
  • Inviting alumni in the college for guest lectures.

Meetings Details: 

  • Frequency of Meeting in a Academic Year : once a year