SOP for Feedback Process

Faculty feedback is one of the processes followed to improve quality of Teaching & Learning.

Students’ feedback is collected twice in a semester to ensure improvement (if necessary) in teaching process. Feedback of all teachers is taken online at department level. Feedback Questionnaire is given and explained to the participating students. Collected Feedback is scrutinized by the central feedback coordinator and then forwarded to dean academics and Head of departments. All the parameters in the feedback form are analyzed. Teaching abilities with respect to each parameter is analyzed. The feedback score along with the comments are communicated to the respective faculty members to know strengths / weaknesses and to improve teaching skills. Appreciation letter is given to faculties who have received excellent feedback (more than 4.5 rating out of 5.0 rating). Performance improvement letter is given to faculties who have received average feedback (less than 3.0 rating out of 5.0 rating). Feedback mechanism is focused to ensure best Teaching Learning practices.


Following are the points or questions on the basis of which every faculty being rated by the students. (Students rated every faculty out of 5, for each points or questions mentioned below)

  1. Punctuality of faculty in lecture.
  2. Subject knowledge of faculty
  3. Communication Skill of the Faculty.
  4. Use of examples / demonstration / teaching aids / methods / tools during lecture.
  5. Teaching with respect to examination point of view.
  6. Interaction with students with respect to queries and doubts.
  7. Coverage of syllabus within prescribed period.
  8. Class control of faculty.
  9. Understanding of subject to students.
  10.  Remarks if any.


Rating Criterion –       

1.  Below Average (Below 35)   2.  Average (35 - 60)     3.  Good (61 - 74)    4.  Very Good (75 - 89)    5.  Excellent (90-100)


                                     Feedback Coordinator for A.Y. 2023 – 24

Sr. No.

Name of Member



Prof. S. S. Redekar

Computer Science & Engg.


Prof. Ms. P. R. Demmana

Applied Science


Prof. S. S. Chokakkar

Civil Engineering


Prof. S. A. Bhosale  

Electronics & Tele. Engg.


Prof. S. A. Gaikwad

Electrical Engineering


Prof. G. R. Gaikwad

Mechanical Engineering


Prof. S. V. Gharge



Sample feedback links for A.Y. 2021 - 22 Even Semester

Applied Science & Humanities -  Average Feedback 2021-22 Even Sem 

Civil Engineering - Average Feedback 2021-22 Even Sem

Computer Science & Engineering - Average Feedback 2021-22 Even Sem

Electronics & Telecommunication - Average Feedback 2021-22 Even Sem

Electrical Engineering - Average Feedback 2021-22 Even Sem

Mechanical Department - Average Feedback 2021-22 Even Sem

MBA - Average Feedback 2021-22 Even Sem