Grievance Redressal Committee

Member Secretary: Prof. D. J. Pawar

Constitutions of the Committee:


Sr. No. Name of Member Institute Designation Committee Specifics E - Mail id
1 Dr. H. T. Jadhav Director Chairman
2 Prof.P. B. Ghewari Dean Academics Member (Faculty Representative)
3 Prof. S. S. Redekar Assistant Professor Member (Faculty Representative)
4 Prof. Mrs. S. S. Patil Assistant Professor Member (Faculty Representative)
5 Prof. M. A. Sutar Assistant Professor Member (Faculty Representative)
6 Mr. R. B. Bodake Registrar Member (Staff Representative) 
7 Mr. Madan Patil Student (TY Civil Engg.) Member (Student Representative) ---
8 Miss. Ashwini Salunkhe Student (TY E & TC Engg) Member (Student Representative) ---
9 Prof. D. J. Pawar Assistant Professor Member Secretary


Functions and Responsibilities of the Committee:

  • To create a platform where students/faculty/staff can point out their problems, regarding academic and non-academic matters. 
  • Get suggestions from the students/faculty/staff for improvement.
  • Take necessary steps for improvement in the light of grievances.


Meetings Details:

  • Frequency of Meeting in a Academic Year  : Twice in semester