Central Computing

The Basic aim of Central Computing Facility is caters to the needs of different academic departments of the institute. The mission of Computer Centre at AMGOI, Vathar is to create and maintain a computing environment for the pursuit of academic excellence. The ultimate aim of the center is to provide professional services, promote and assist the use of new computing technology among the students, staff and administration. CCF conducts online examinations of IBPS and other clients through TCS-iON Pune and has generated a fund of amount Rs. 20 Lacs. Computer Centre manages various computing and communication facilities throughout the campus.

Computer center remains open during 8am to 8pm six days a week.


Salient Features of CCF are

  • State of the art Computer Centre equipped with 60 computers of latest configuration with Legal copies of Systems & Application Software’s and Antivirus.
  • All systems networked with 1000Mbps Layer2 Web-Smart switches centrally connected to High speed Layer-3 switch on Optical Fiber.
  • 512 Mbps leased line Internet Connectivity, for High speed Internet.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity across the campus with high speed range boosters.
  • State of the art Air-conditioned Server Room equipped with server class IBM machines.
  • Tie up with Microsoft through Campus Agreement for all software products, IBM for Rational Rose Suite.
  • Facilities Agreement with TCS-iON for conducting Online Examinations of IBPS & other premiere organization. Revenue generated till date is Rs. 50,00,000/- .
  • Facilities Agreement with Ministry of Electronics & IT, Govt. of India for Online Examinations.
  • Dedicated pool of Engineers to look after the Hardware, Software and Network maintenance.