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Most of the human beings are living their life automatically or unconsciously like machines. You know how machines work once you set the program and click the button it will start running. Likewise, human beings are also behaving like machine their thoughts feelings and emotions are running unconsciously and automatically. This is because they get the triggers from the outside world, for example, the TV we/they watch, an advertisement which we see the friends with we interact and newspaper which we read are the major sources which trigger our mind. And we run our brain by this triggers and anchors. There are thousands of stimulus hits every day on our mind but instead using it we are used by it. Instead of using this triggers and stimulus we get entangled with it. And finally, we get trapped in it. Likewise, we have friend circle and this is going to influence on you anyways, it’s ok if your friend circle is ok means they are adding value to your life or they are helping to support to grow. Then no issues but your friend circles are toxic and they are not intellectual mature then definitely your life is going to ruin.



Your mind is going too controlled by them because it is scientifically proved that we became the average of our friend circle. And emotions are contiguous if people come with negative emotions and they are in contact with you then like any disease you are also going to infected by their negative emotions because emotions are contiguous right. You get automatically trapped with their negative emotions and you become them and your mind is controlled by them definitely. If your friends are good and its ok you will get infected positively and if not then you have to think twice before making and associations. Likewise, the environment in which you live also controls your mind most of the people are controlled by the environment in which they live.

Take your own example right now if you are reading my blog then stop reading it and just start thinking about the environment in which you live. What kind of place I am living, who are my friends, what kind of cultural attitude and rituals are developed by the people were my home is. Think about it you are the average of that environment, you become part of that environment. And you muddle up yourself and become someone else that is how your mind is controlled by various factors of that environment.

There are intelligent people who are aware of the environment who are the aware stimulus which is hitting on their mind every day. but they never get trapped with this triggers instead  of blocking and locking they use it for their own benefit that is why they are unique they are different and they are creative because they learn to control and use their mind for themselves and not to muddle into other people thoughts emotions and ideas.

 Mediocre people are those people whose minds were controlled by someone else who are living the dreams of others and not of their own. How anybody can control your mind and how to know it or why we get stuck in thoughts ideas and emotions of others. The only reason is self-awareness, the level of your awareness is heighten then it's fine you will recognize how things are happening with you and how to resolve it or make a profit out of it. But your awareness levels are low then it is quite difficult to handle the life situations. All situations, circumstances will control you and you become the victim of the circumstance. Life will be never in your hand it will be in somebody’s hand this is how you will get managed by someone like a robot. World’s most of the populations are controlled by some businessman, some TV serials or by some news channels and papers or by their environment. That’s it how people are becoming a victim of each other. 

To get control of your mind to run your own brain there is one formula which I have used to enhance my own awareness level and getting control of my own mind, and that is meditation. Just spending ten minutes daily your life get transformed, you will never get controlled by someone you will develop the capacity to control yourself.

Practice it for one month and let’s see the results, for those people, things and situation are trying to control you, for them, it will help to enhance the awareness level.  Practice it again and again until you have control of yourself. I will come again with the details of meditation in another blog till learn to get control on you first and don’t get trapped by someone else thought ideas and emotions. 


Thank you 

Dr. Ajay Maske 

Dean (MBA)

Ashokrao Mane Group of Institutions, Vathar Kolhapur

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Dr. Ajay Maske 

Dean (MBA)

Ashokrao Mane Group of Institutions, Vathar Kolhapur.

Tal. Hatkanagale, Dist. Kohapur.

Maharashtra, Pin: 416112.

Mob. 9960045285

email: ajaymaske107@gmail.com

About author: 

Dr. Ajay Maske is a Philanthropist, Prominent Trainer, Consultant, Author And Popular Proficient Speaker in the field of self development. He is currently working as Associate Professor and Dean (MBA) in Ashokrao Mane Group of Institutions, Vathar. He is Chief Marketing Officer of Shri Balasaheb Mane Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Ambap.