3ds Max Design Club

3ds Max is a computer graphics program for creating 3D models, animations and digital images. 3ds Max is often used for character modeling and animation. It is used for rendering photorealistic images of buildings and other objects.

So, We at AMGOI, Department of Civil Engineering have established the “3Ds Max Design Club”. it will helps students to create various rendering photorealistic images of buildings and other objects. In this club senior students and professional members will train to interested candidates.  Our aim to bring together 3D Artist talent from all disciplines under one roof.

Importance of 3Ds Max Design Club


The course Max for Engineers will help students and professionals to learn and master 3ds MAX software tool. The candidates will also learn the basics of 3D modeling and texturing along with 3D rendering. The powerful course will increase the productivity and performance of the individual. Overall, the course will help the students master the software and enhance their productivity.



  1. To give hands on training of software uses in planning and designing.
  2. To teach students the essentials of working in 3D using an array of features and tools.
  3. To teach Basics of creating, embellishing, and developing 3D scenes.
  4. To develop visual ability of students


Faculty Coordinators:

  1.   Prof.P.S.Koli                                                                                
  2.   Prof. J. M. Shinde

 Student Coordinator

1.Prathmesh Vibhute (B.Tech Civil) 2. Vaishnavi Shinde (B.Tech Civil) 3. Prashant Kanoje (B.Tech Civil) 4.Tejshri Patil (B.Tech Civil) 5. Pooja Patil (T.Y Civil)  6. Pratiksha Nagare (T.Y Civil)  7. Rushikesh Jadhav (T.Y Civil)  8. Vikas Vitekar (T.Y Civil)