Departmental Library

The Faculty of Management Studies (MBA) maintains a library to meet the academic and research needs of its students. The library is open for students and faculty on all working days during the college hours. The Departmental Library, at present, has a total collection of 50 + books which include several Reference books, different textbooks which will be available to students and faculty members throughout the academic year. Also it has a provision for keeping the reports of project work done by our students. By providing journals, technical reports and other scholarly materials to faculty, researchers, and graduate students in various field.

Sr.No. Book Name Author Name
1 Cost & management accounting M.N.Arora
2 Advanced accounts T.S.Grewal
3 Fundamental of corporate finance   Stephen A Ross
4 Financial Management    I M Pandey
5 Financial Management    Khan & Jain
6 Financial Accounting  Gary A.Porter
7 Financial Security    David F.Teitlaum
8 Advanced Cost & Mgt. Accounting    V.K.Sakxena
9 Acediting  Arens Loebbecke
10 Indian Financial System   
11 International Economics Dominick Salvatore
12 Economics Lipsey & Chrystal
13 Indian Economy  K.P.M.Sundharam
14 Managerial Economics   W.Cris Lewis
15 Indian Economy  Rudder-Datt,
16 Economics Of Money Banking & Finl.Mgt.   Frederics Misbkin
17 Contemporary Economics   Spencer
18 Organizational Behavior UMA Sekaran
19 Organizational Behavior John W.Newstron 
20 The International Business Environment   Anant K.Sundaram
21 Business Environment   Francis Cherunilam
22 Basics Business Communication    Lesikarl Flatley
23 Essential Of Organizational Behavior    Stephen P.Robbins
24 Operations Research Waynel Winston
25 Quantitative Techniques   U.K.Srivastava
26 Business Statistics S.K.Chakravrty
27 Principle Of Operations Research R.C.Mishra
28 Fundamental of statistics      S.C.Gupta
29 Statistics Of Management T.N.Srivastava
30 Management of Statistics  Suranjan saha
31 Statistics for Management Richard I Levin
32 Management Information System Waman S. Javadekar
33 Management Information System Jane P. Laudon
34 Management control system Vijay Grovindaraj
35 Management Information System Gordon B.Davis
36 E-commerce   P.J.Joseoh
37 Operation Management  
38 International Business    Charles W.L.Hill
39 International Business   Francis Cheronilam
40 International Business    k.ashwathapna
41 International Business     
42 Digital Marketing Jerry Wind 
43 Marketing  Management Philip kotler
44 Principal of  Management    Philip kotler
45 Marketing  Management   
46 Principal of  Management    P.C.Tripathi  
47 Principal of  Management    Manab Thakur 
48 Production & operation management   S.N.Chary
49 Management   Heinz weihrich
50 Quality Management  David M. Levine  
51 Project Management For Business Technology  John M. Nicholas
52 Project Management K.Nagarajun
53 Essentials Of Organizational Behavior   Stephen P.Robbins
54 E-Commerce Kamlesh K.Bajaj
55 Real Estate Investing Michael c thomsett
56 Macro Economics Robert J.Gordon
57 Advertising procedure  Otto kleppners
58 Organization theory    Haridimos T Soukas
59 Aspects of business Akhileswar Pathak
60 Elements of mercantile law N.D.Kapoor
61 Business law including company law S.S.Gulshan
62 Business law