We are providing them Free access to Gym, Decent Up-to-Date Equipment, Regular Maintenance of the equipment, Training, Cleanliness and Good Ventilation. Following are the list of equipments at our college.

Sr. No. Details of Material Quantity
1 Cross Over Polly, Lat Polly, Leg Ext /Curl, App Board, Smith Machine, Fiture Curl, T- Bar. Bench Adjustable, Plane Bench, Ec – Decland Bench, Dumbbells Stand, Plate Stand, Twister, Leg Press 450, Pea – dec Machine 1
2 Bar 6
3 Plate Weight (2.5 kg to 15 kg) 157.5  kg
4 Dumbells  (2.5 kg to 15 kg) 157.5  kg