Student Achievements / Participation in Technical Event


TOOPERS LIST- A.Y.2019-20 (Odd Sem)
Sr No    Class        Name of Student                     Marks/Grade Photo
    Mr.Rushikesh Jadhav 9.23
1 SY Civil Miss Pooja Patil 9.17
3 SY Civil Miss Sakshi Patil 9.09
5 TY Civil Mr.Prathamesh Vibhute 8.85
6 TY Civil Miss Vaishnavi Shinde 8.65
7 TY Civil Miss Snehal Mali 8.58
8 BE Civil Mr Aditya Kudalkar 86.25%
10 BE Civil Mr. Kalpesh Mankar 84.00%
  BE Civil Miss Namarata Desai 83.50%

Student Achievements / Participation in Technical Event

  • Special Achievement:

 1.  Mr.Raviraj Desai of BE Civil (2018-19) has selected for Course M.S. at Stevens Institute of Technology,New Jersey,United States  



2.Miss Pranita P. Shinde of BE Civil (2018-19) has Completed "Masters in Applied Science"University of Windsor,Canda 




Sr. No

Name of Student


Event / Activity



1.Miss Shweta Patil

2.Miss Shivani Chougule

3.Miss Pallavi Pandit


Published paper on"Graphical Presentation of Structural Parameters for RCC multistory Building Exposed to Seismic load by Parametric consideration Using Structural Analysis Program"


Published Paper in IRJET,e-ISSN:2395-0056, P- ISSN:2395-0072,Jan2021


Miss Sejal Desai B.Tech "Poster Presentation Competition",organized by E&TC department, AMGOI,Vathar on the occassion of Women's Day 2021 3rd Rank