Program Education Objectives


PEO 1 With a strong foundation in basic Sciences & Mathematical Tools, our graduates will have careers in civil engineering with abilities to tackle complex engineering problems and be employable in a related career path.
PEO 2 Our graduates will apply their knowledge – base and skills acquired for analysis, identification, problem formulation and design/development to solve real life engineering problems with orientation on industrial sector.
PEO 3 Our graduates will show enhanced professional pursuit & team management potentially so as to captivate in research and development fields.
PEO 4 Our graduates will have the necessary professional skills, high ethical standards, effective oral and written communication, and team building activities in diverse and multi-disciplinary activities.
PEO 5 Our graduates will emerge brightly in multidisciplinary areas by applying their lifelong learning skills.

Consistency of PEOs with Mission of the Department:


PEO M1 M2 M3 M4 Remark
PEO1 3 - - 1 The composition of curriculum with structural, constructional, environmental, water resources, management courses will help students to acquire multi domain knowledge to solve complex engineering problems, professionally. An employability criterion strongly demands the in-depth of knowledge in core areas of engineering which will make strong mapping of PEO1 with M1. As it professionalism includes skills linked with life-long learning which correlate PEO1 slightly with M4.
PEO2 1 3 - - Various laboratory courses in structural, environmental, management domain seek efforts allied to real life problems, analysis and applications of modern tools and techniques which maps PEO2 strongly with M2 and slightly with M1.
PEO3 - - 3 - Through variety of academic activities like mini and major projects, students will be able to excel his/her research oriented skill with effective team work which makes strong mapping of PEO3 with M3.
PEO4 - - - 3 Interaction with all stakeholders during field training, industrial visits, projects will help the students to adapt change in professional life and respond positively to societal needs, will make strong mapping of PEO4 with M4.
PEO5 - - - 3 By effective teaching learning process in core courses of the program students can enhance life-long learning skills, ethical communication with society. Multi domain knowledge acquired by students will help them to pursue higher education. Hence PEO5 is Strongly mapping with M4