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 A.Y 2019 – 20 


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GATE Mock Test Prof. S. V. Shah   



Civil Dept
Career Opportunities & Guidance

Mr. Raj Vechare 

Mr.Vinayak Patil

TY & BE 17/02/2020 Civil Dept
Thoughts of Chatrpati Shivaji Maharaj. Mr.Vishal Khot,Kolhapur SY,TY,& BE 18/02/2020 Civil Dept
Celebration of Shivjayanti

Prof. G. N. Chavanpatil,

Prof. P. S. Koli

Prof. S. S. Patil

SY,TY,& BE 19/02/2020 Civil Dept
Application of IOT in Civil Engineering

Mr. Amol Patil

Mr. Sachin Patange
SY,TY,& BE 26/02/2020 Civil Dept
Two days workshop on ´Training to Research Scholar on Research Gap Identification

Dr. S. R. Kumbhar

Dr. A. M. Zende

Prof. A. V. Karvekar
TY,BE,M.Tech students, faculty 28/02/2020 to 29/02/2020 Civil Dept
Alumni Meet Prof. J. M. Shinde Alumni 29/02/2020 Civil Dept
3D Max -Software Training Mr.RohitKatkar&Mr.RiyazPendhari TY








Civil Dept
Guest lecture on "Importance of NPTEL Courses" Dr. S.G.Sapate SY,TY,BE 20/08/2019 Civil Dept
Guest lecture on "A introduction to SAP2000V20" Dr.V.S.Patil,WCE,Sangli BE 27/08/2019 Civil Dept
Guest Lecture on" Talukastariy Yuva Sanwad" Mr.Ganesh Lolage TY,BE 11/09/2019 Civil Dept
Blood Donation Camp   SY,TY,BE 18/09/2019 Civil Dept

Fresher's Party

  SY,TY,BE 20/09/2019 Civil Dept

Guest Lecture on Topic"Gate Exam Prepration"

Dr.H.T.Jadhav, RIT,Rajaramnagar BE 28/09/2019 Civil Dept
Teacher's Day Celebration   SY,TY,BE 5/09/2019 Civil Dept
SAP 2000V20-Software Training Dr.V.S.Patil,WCE,Sangli BE




Civil Dept


Study Tour   (A.Y.-2019-20)

Sr.No. Name & Location Subject Conducted Date Class No. of students present
1 Advance Engineering geological field visit Advanced Engg Geology 7/10/2019 BE 28
2 Water Treatment Plant Visit at Miraj. Environmental Engineering 7/11/2019 TY 85
3 Visit to "Nirmiti Expo 2020" & K.T.Weir at Shigaon,Dist-Sangli Field Visit 24/01/2020 SY 43
4 Field Visit to Bhayte Bridge & Arjuna Dam,Pachal Water Resources Engg II 16 & 17/02/2020 BE 49
5 Site visit for superstructure of building at Kolhapur Field Visit   SY 40



BE Civil Student study tour at Kankavli (7/10/2019)