Library Advisory Committee

Member Secretary:  Dr. S.B. Kemdarne

Constitutions of the Committee:


Sr. No Name of the Member Institute Designation Committee specifics
1 Prof. Dr. D. N. Mudgal Executive Director Chairman
2 Prof. Dr. K. Ravi Director Member
3 Prof. Dr. A.N. Chapgaon Professor Member
4 Prof. Dr. D.S. Bhosale Associate Professor Member
5 Prof. P.B. Ghevari Associate Professor Member
6 Prof. Dr. Bhagwan B. Patil Assistant Professor Member
7 Prof. Dr. D. S. Jadhav Assistant Professor Member
8 Mr. S.A. Vhanawade Assistant Librarian Member
9 Dr. S.B. Kemdarne Librarian Member Secretary

Functions and Responsibilities of the Committee:

  • Requirement analysis of books / journals/magazines etc. for every academic semester for all departments and recommend to the top management through the Director for necessary procurement.
  • Recommendation for pupation of the available/required books with new editions.
  • Up gradation of infrastructure like providing/increasing the internet connectivity, digital library facilities, online preparation for placement activities etc.
  • Establishing a clean and calm environment inside the library to motivate the user for spending more hours.
  • The books and journals are kept clean and tidy by the library assistants, who are supervised by the librarian.

Meetings Details:

  • Frequency of Meeting in a Academic Year: Yearly 2 meetings conducted.