Director Desk



What precisely, should be the benchmark to be followed by a new born Engineering /Management College aspiring to attain global standards by way of fast track growth ? The answer, under the given circumstances, is to go on adding as much value as possible to its students through synergic balance of curricular and co-curricular activities in full steam by its committed faculty supported by an enlightened and forward looking college management. I am proud to say that the entire team is on absolutely right track with a tremendous effort towards adding value to whatever quality students it has obtained via standard procedure . Another pertinent point, I would like to touch upon that the college is making silent but steady preparations to face the formidable challenge of National Board of Accreditation (NBA). Any college wining the accreditation of NBA, an independent body promoted by the AICTE and the Govt. of India, will attain the global standard as well as global recognisation The college is pursuing very seriously, a scheme for vertical integration by way of opening M.Tech./ME etc., which every one knows, is highly beneficial also for the enrichment of U.G. programmes. In the process, attaining the ‘Deemed University’ status should not be a distant dream. I am confident, the dedicated faculty, disciplined staff, hard working students and the enlightened management of Institution are progressing, inch by inch, in the right direction to build an academic institution of great social impact. Let us all work hard today to enjoy the fruits of a prosperous tomorrow. 


  Prof. P.B.Ghewari

I/C Director