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Incubation center

To promote a culture of entrepreneurship among young Indians who in turn can contribute to the gross domestic product (GDP) of our country.
To create the sufficient infrastructure facilities for initiating the startup activities by young entrepreneurs and provide them enough training, guidelines for the scalable as well as sustainable growth of their endeavours.
  1. To provide essential infrastructure (co-working and private space ) in terms of capital equipment and operating facilities ( such as furniture, computing facility with internet etc.) to budding entrepreneurs to begin their start-up ventures / activities.
  1. To help entrepreneurs by providing necessary guidance, technical and legal assistance.
  1. To provide business planning support, trainings and other relevant components required for encouraging start-up ventures or business activities.
  1. To provide guidance for availing seed capital or financial aid through financial institutions, industry partners, and a host of other resources to entrepreneurs in the pursuit of the sustainable development and growth of their enterprises.
  1. Facilitate networking with professional resources which include mentors, experts, consultants and advisors for the incubatee companies.
List of Companies

Sr. Name of Company Type of Activity Date of Start-up No. of Employees
1. Rural Mind IT Infotech
Prop. Ajit Patil
Software Development 18-07-2017 03
2. Altitude Consultancy
Prof. D. B. Mahadeshwar
Construction Consultancy Services 16-08-2017 02
3. Swarajya IT India
Prop. Suhas Patil
Software Development 01-09-2017 02
4. SKP Consultancy
Prop. S. K. Patil
Marketing,  Education  and Consultancy in Mechanical 01-09-2017 01
5. DSBIT Solutions
Prop. D. S. Baracade
Software Development 01-0902017 02
6. Sai Tours and Transport
Prop. Sachin Shinde
Tours and Transport Services 20-08-2017 03
7. Sixth Sense Tech Developers
Prop. Kartikeya Tiwari
Software Development 1-11-2017 02
8. SPSS EnviroPro
Prof. Sachin Patil
Environmental Consultancy 01-10-2017 02
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