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Laboratory Details
1. Applied Thermodynamics laboratory
Sr. Name of Equipment
1 Grease Penetrometer Apparatus
2 Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus
3 Redwood Viscometer Apparatus
4 Aniline Point Apparatus
5 Flash and Fire Point Apparatus
6 Carbon Residue  Apparatus
7 Dropping Point Apparatus
8 Boilers, mountings and accessories
2. Heat and Mass Transfer laboratory
Sr. Name of Equipment
1 Thermal conductivity of insulating powder
2 Thermal conductivity of composite wall
3 Thermal conductivity of Metal rod
4 Heat transfer coefficient for natural convection
5 Heat transfer coefficient for forced convection
6 Stefan Boltzmann constant
7 Trial on heat exchanger
8 Condensation heat transfer
9 Boiling heat transfer
10 Trial on heat pipe
3. Refrigeration & Air conditioning laboratory
Sr. Name of Equipment
1 Window air conditioning cycle test apparatus (water cooler refrigeration, chiller, ice plant and cold storage).
2 Refrigeration test cycle apparatus(Unitary and central air conditioning)
3 Vapour absorption system
4 Ice plant
5 Cascade system
6 Models of refrigeration components
4. Metrology and quality control laboratory
Sr. Name of Equipment
1 Vernier Caliper.0-150mm
2 Vernier Caliper.0-300mm
3 Outside Micrometer.0-25mm
4 Slip Gauge Box (83nos)
5 Angle  Gauge
6 Snap & Plug gauges(Plain plug, taper filler, plain ring, measuring pin, thread plug, sap gauge s/e & d/e, thread ring, taper ring, Adj.snap, Taper plug, key way with gauge) Standard Make
7 Stainless Steel rule,30 cm
8 Pneumatic comparator
9 Screw thread measurement           
10 Sine bar-200 mm length(GG make)
11 V block
12 Surface plate-Granite 630 x 630 x 80mm with Stand
13 Vernier Height Gauge ,300mm
14 Dial Gauge Indicator with stand
15 Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper
16 Optical Profile Projector

5. Industrial Fluid Power laboratory

Sr. Name of Equipment
1 Pneumatic Trainer Kit
2 Hydraulic Trainer kit
6. Testing and Measurement laboratory
Sr. Name of Equipment
1 Speed Measurement Magnetic & Photo Pickup
2 Temperature Measurement
3 Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester & Pressure Transducer
4 Displacement Measurement Using LVDT
5 Force Measurement Using strain Gauge
6 Vibration Measurement
7 Torque Measurement
8 Flow Measurement

7. Energy and power engineering laboratory

Sr. Name of Equipment
1 Measurement of solar radiation
2 Performance of PV cell
3 Solar Flat plate collector



8. Manufacturing Processes laboratory

Sr. Name of Equipment
1 Universal Strength Machine ( Hydraulic)
2 Sand Siever
3 Permeability Tester/Meter
4 Sand Washer
5 Rapid Moisture Tester
6 Mould Hardness Tester (B scale)
7 Shear Strength Attachment
8 Sand Mullar 5 Kg
9 Sand Rammer
10 Base Block
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