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  • Our Gymkhana section consists of staff and student Gymkhana Committee.
  • We have almost all essential sports facility and grounds section made available for the Student and Staff.
  • We have invested near about Rs 60,000 Lakh for leveling ground and from that we have prepared Kabbadi, Kho – Kho, Volley Ball, Foot Ball grounds and Cricket cement wicket with Box Net.
  • We have invested near about Rs 5,00,000 Lakh for Purchasing Sports Materials from that we have Purchased Table Tennis table, all leather ball Cricket equipments of GM company, Full Foot Ball  Kit with Shoes, Stocking, Shine Guard and Dress, for Kabbadi, Kho – Kho, Volley Ball, Basket Ball grounds as well as material also purchased.
  • We ensure our participation in almost all Games organized by Shivaji University Zone and Inter Zone and Student have Won Prizes at various levels.
Name of the Committee:   Gymkhana Dept.
Member Secretary:    Prof.S.S.Bhapkar
  • Constitutions of the Committee:
Sr. No. Name of Member Institute Designation Committee Specifics
1. Dr. Ravi Kottur Director President
2. Dr. D. N. Mudgal Executive Director Member
3. Mr. K Mounesh Gymkhana Co-Incharge Member
4. Mr. S.V. Dabhade Physical Director Member
5. Mr. A. K. Habale Physical Instructor Member
6. Mr. A. S. Dinde Non-Teaching Staff Member
7. Mr. S. S. Patil Sports G. S. Member
8. Mr. S. S. Bhapkar Gymkhana Incharge Member  Secretary
  • Functions and Responsibilities of the Committee:
    • Formulate students counsel every year
    • Purchase sports material every year as per requirement.
    • Provide all sports facilities for the students.
    • Plan for annual Sports.
    • Take feedback from the students and take corrective actions on it.
    • Plan for Lead College sports activity.
  • Meetings Details:
    • Frequency of Meeting in a Academic Year : 1
Annual Gymkhana Report

Year 2016 – 17
Prof. S. S. Bhapkar
Gymkhana In charge

It is a moment of pride to present annual sports report of the Ashokrao Mane Group of Institutions, Vathar tarf Vadgaon for the academic year 2016-2017.

CRICKET B.E Electrical T.E  Mech A
CHESS Jadhav akshay sanjay B.E mech Jadhav vinod prakash T.E ELEC
Abhinav kmbhar T.E ELEC Rohit bachche
WOMEN Shweta pol T.E civil Varsha talugade B.E civil
MEN DOUBLES Mayur & Rohit Abhinav&vinay
  • Prashant Sathe T.E ELEC
  • Suraj Patil B.E mech
  • Samrudhi Patil B.E ELEC
  • Kalyani Bhosale T.E E&T.C
  • Akshay Jadhav B.E. mech (B)
  • Ramesh Rajput B.E. civil
  • Priyanka Jagtap T.E Elec
  • Mayuri Patil T.E mech
  • Dharsham Patil S.E. Mech
  • Suraj Patil B.E Mech
  • Samrudhi Patil B.E Elec
  • Mayuri Patil T.E Mech
100 MT
  • Prashant Sathe T.E ELEC
  • Rushikesh Tasagaokar T.E Mech(D)
  • Samrudhi Patil B.E Elec
  • Archanal Saymote B.E Civil
200 MT
  • Akshay Nangare T.E mech (D)
  • Kiran Patil T.E Elec
  • Ravina Jadhav T.E ELEC
  • Rupali Ransingh B.E E&T.C
4*100 MT RELAY 1st (Electrical)
Prashant Sathe, Kiran Patil
Sandeep Varute, Santosh kashid
Nipun,  Rohit Hule
Shrikant Dange, Rushikesh Tasagaokar
1st Electrical
Ravina Jadhav, Shruti Jadhav
Priyanka Jagtap, Samrudhi Patil
2nd ( E&T.C)
Amruta Patil, Ankita Patil
Rupali Ransingh, Amruta Khamkar
  • Prashant Sathe  T.E ELEC
  • Abhinav Kumbhar T.E ELEC
  • Samrudhi Patil  B.E ELEC
  • Payal Gurav B.E CSE
  • Rampur Malikarjun BE.CSE
  • Amol Pallakhe BE CSE
  • Sarala Kumbhar  BE ENTC
  • Ruchira Dalavi BE ENTC
  • Kurane Stephan BE MECH
  • Subodh Raut TE ELEC
  • Payal Gurav BE CSE
  • Rajashri Patil TE ENTC
General Championship Points Analysis Table
Sr. no. Events Mechanical Civil CSE Electrical ENTC MBA
1 Volley ball 8          
2 Cricket men 3     5    
3 Cricket women     5   3  
4 Football 8          
5 Chess 2     1    
6 Table tennis men 1     2    
7 Table tennis women   3        
8 TT men doubles 2     1    
9 Discus throw men 1     2    
10 Discus throw women       2 1  
11 Javelin throw men 2 1        
12 Javelin throw women 1     2    
13 Shot put men 3          
14 Shot put women 1     2    
15 100m running men 1     2    
16 100m running women   1   2    
17 200m running men 2     1    
18 200m running women       2 1  
19 4*100 m Relay men 2     3    
20 4*100 m Relay women       3 2  
21 Long jump men       3    
22 Long jump women     1 2    
23 Throw ball       3 5  
24 Badminton men 2     1    
25 Badminton women     1   2  
26 Carrom (men)     3      
27 Carrom (women)         3  
  TOTAL 39 5 10 39 17 00





The Winner of General Championship is Mechanical Engineering Department. &  Electrical Engineering Department
Every year we are conducting “Annual Sports meet” in our Institute.

Activities report
Annual sports 2016-17 * Final results *

Sr. no. Events Winner Runner up
1 Volley ball MECH MECH
2 Cricket men ELE MECH
3 Cricket women CSE ENTC
4 Football MECH MECH
5 Chess MECH ELE
6 Table tennis men ELE MECH
7 Table tennis women CIVIL CIVIL
8 TT men doubles MECH ELE
9 Discus throw men ELE MECH
10 Discus throw women ELE ENTC
11 Javelin throw men MECH CIVIL
12 Javelin throw women ELE MECH
13 Shot put men MECH MECH
14 Shot put women ELE MECH
15 100m running men ELE MECH
16 100m running women ELE CIVIL
17 200m running men MECH ELE
18 200m running women ELE ENTC
19 4*100 m Relay men ELE MECH
20 4*100 m Relay women ELE ENTC
21 Long jump men ELE ELE
22 Long jump women ELE CSE
23 Throw ball ENTC ELE
24 Badminton men MECH ELE
25 Badminton women ENTC CSE
26 Carrom men CSE CSE
27 Carrom women ENTC ENTC
Volleyball Ground
Cricket Ground
Table Tennis Court at Gymkhana department
Kabbadi Ground
Achievements by the Students
Our student Mr. Akash Patil has been selected in junior India rifle shooting team.
Our student Mr. Akash Patil with Padma Shree Award winner Mr. Gagan Narang
Lead college Body-Building Winner Mr. Pramod Kumbhar with Bibhishan Patil Sir & Prof. S. S. Bhapkar
Our college Volleyball women’s team has won the lead college trophy for consecutive two years.
Our college Volleyball Men’s team has given Winning performance for successively 5 years
Some Snapshots of Annual Sports
 i)  Gymkhana 2015-16 Annual Report
ii) Gymkhana 2014-15 Annual Report
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